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Profile results unclear

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Dear community,


As a starting user of Alteryx, I am puzzled by the behavior of the Profile in a Browse tool. In my super simple analysis I determine the length of a field with following Profile result:


The profile tells me I am having approx. 8.2M records in my data set, but the distinct values for length of the field in that dataset (between 2 and 18 characters) adds up to approx. 5.5M records. Seems there is data missing for about 2.7M records. Generating the profile costs a lot of calculation time, but the information presented seems incomplete. I have seen somewhere in the community the result is capped at 300MB, but if that is happening should there not be a visible hint of that fact being given? What gives?


Hope somebody can throw some light on this, am using Designer version 2020.4.