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Product Suggestion: Post Create SQL Statement for Snowflake Loader


Hi Team,


Just throwing this out there that it'd be great to have the Post Create SQL Statement option in the Snowflake loader as is available on Input and Output tools and In-DB tools.


The reason for this is that we use the "alter warehouse "COMPUTE_WH" suspend" in the post script. This turns the warehouse off and saves $$$


A loader which takes 15 seconds to run, can still cost 5 minutes of credits.


Hi @RuttanB ,

interesting idea ;) I think we can add it into feature versions of the loader.



Connect Team


What version of Alteryx are you using?  We're on 2019.1 and do have the 'Post Create SQL Statement' option when using the Snowflake Bulk Loader. 


We're using the ODBC driver, and again on the Input/Output tools we have the Post Create SQL Statement and we us it.


Best practice is now, for us, is to a block after the Input and put a block before the Output as well.


But specifically the request was for the Snowflake Loader for Connect.


thank you