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Producing one excel workbook with multiple tabs

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I have two questions about how to produce Excel workbooks with multiple tabs.

1.) Is it possible to produce one Excel workbook output with multiple sheets, which can be filtered corresponding to the desired sheet name.

2.) Is it possible to produce a workbook with your desired Alteryx output attached but has other tabs which DO NOT feed through Alteryx workflow. The other tabs will be used as document control and the formatting / formulas that exist in there are important. The other tabs will already be created and ready to be used as a blank template for the Alteryx output.

Both of these will be used in Alteryx apps but someone who is not familiar with Alteryx, nor will they have designer access, so ideally minimal user interaction is preferred.

Any help or guidance will be greatly appreciated.


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Hi @Ash___123 


I've just posted reply to a query about creating multiple sheets, see here : 

Create multiple sheets on the same excel file with... - Alteryx Community


Then on your 2nd query, yes this is possible.  You can have the Output file already created with existing tabs, and these won't be changed when your workflow creates\updates the sheets from your workflow.  


Hope that helps,

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Thanks for your response. 

Thanks I now understand how to produce multiple sheets of Alteryx output in the same workbook.

For the second query is it possible to do this from a blank template that will be used monthly and produce a month specific output with the desired month name as opposed to adding a new tab each month or copying and renaming the template for each month?

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@Ash___123 I would do this by generating a month field, which is then appended to the filename. That way, you will get a specific output for each month, using the same template file name with the month on the end.


Formula for getting current month: datetimeformat(DateTimeNow(),"%B")





Options in file output (can also use prepend of course, if you'd prefer):




If you don't want this dummy 'filename' field in your output, just untick that 'Keep Field in Output' box.

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Thanks that makes sense and is really helpful