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Processing input file by moving to a new folder




I have use case where I want to process the input file by moving it to another folder "In-Progress". so that no other user disturbs the file while running as the Alteryx App is placed in google drive.


1. The input file is an excel file is placed in folder "Input".

2. The app is run by choosing the file and particular sheet.

3. The input file should be moved to "in-progress" folder.

4. From there on the app must continue and produce the output.


I am able to move the file to "in-progress" folder using Event option by using a script. But the app stops running and reports the input file cannot be found. However, when I run the workflow in .yxmd, it works. Please help how to solve it.


Please find the screenshot


Hi everyone,


I am the first one to think about the problem having pre-processing folder as the app is placed in shared drive location and I want to move the file with selected sheet by the user to a pre-processing folder and from there on the workflow should execute. The problem I am facing as an APP is after I move the file(using a script configuration in event) to pre-processing folder,  I am unable to select the particular sheet. Is there any solution?