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Processing data tables with duplicated values

7 - Meteor

Hi everybody,


I would ask in here for some ideas because i'm running out of ideas for what i have to accomplish, as it is displayed below:


I have 2 different tables in excel workbooks, im trying to do a VLookUp process to add some information from the table 2 to table 1, for this I´m currently using a Find and Repalce tool. The problem in here is that half of the 15k values are duplicated (sometimes i could find 3 or more times the same value), so do you have any idea of how could i make this find and replace or any other tool works for this?


So basically i need to match date and value and add the information of the color to the first table....


The tables abovementined are kind of like the followings:

TABLE 1   TABLE 2   
ConceptDateValue ConceptDateColorValue
A20/05/2020100 A20/05/2020Red100
B20/05/2020323 B20/05/2020Geen323
C20/05/2020266 C20/05/2020Blue266
D20/05/2020266 D20/05/2020Black266
A20/04/2020266 A20/04/2020Purple266
B20/04/2020400 B20/04/2020White400
C20/04/202050 C20/04/2020Yellow50
D20/04/2020323 D20/04/2020Brown266


Do you have any idea for avoiding for example, that the third value in table 2 will be the only one that would be added in all the corresponding cases?


Thanks for your support.

12 - Quasar



Could you match on Date, Value and Concept? Then I would recommend a Join tool...if not I have another idea but first let's start with whether you can match by Concept as well.





7 - Meteor

I have tried, but sometimes concepts are the same, and the inconvenient in that, was that join was duplicated the number of records.... from 15k to 30k, it was more difficult to know which ones were the original records from table 1, that is the reason for which i´m trying to use Find and Replace tool for adding the field "color" to the original records. 

12 - Quasar



No problem!

I understand!


Try the attached workflow - I think I solved the issue 🙂 




7 - Meteor

This solution has work and help me to finish my tables, thanks for your help.