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Processing 1.5 Billion records with Designer

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Hello community,


I have been doing some tests with the Designer and BigData lately.


It seems that a great amount of RAM can help to increase the processing speed but CPU doesn't. 




I have 10 core (20 logic cores), but the CPU usage is always around 10-15% (peaks at 20%). The RAM on the other side takes as much as I allow him to used (set to 105 GB right now).


My two questions are:


1) Is it possible to enable the Designer to make us of more cores?

2) Would a server make use of more cores? (for a single workflow)


(We have server at work, but I don't want to push 1.5B records to the server if it isn't faster)



Thanks in advance




17 - Castor
17 - Castor

hi @grossal 


Check out the answer from @KevinP in this post.  He explains the whys and wherefores about the multi-threading strategy in Alteryx.  The post is from 2016 but I think the concepts are still valid.  tl:dr The Alteryx engine multi-threads where it makes sense to.



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

@grossal ,


RAM and fast local SSD are your best bet. If you joine the beta program ( there is a e2 beta that multi-threads. 




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Thanks @MarqueeCrew and @danilang.


I would have loved an option to force it to multi-threading and give the user the chance to decide it.


I have requested access to the Beta on my Partner Account over two month ago, no sign yet. I would love to test it. Especially with my QM background and all the bugs I already found in the 2020.1 it would haven been a good addition, but I guess I have to wait.


Have a great day guys!