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Problems: Bar Graph in Table

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Alteryx version:


I'm having problems with the Bar Graph in Basic Table.


I've always used bar graph with a custom scale (Min/Max/Base), but this doesnt work anymore!

The custom colors does not work either.


Does anyone other have this problem on Alteryx ?


Can you post a before and after screen shot with a workflow?  I'm having a hard time picturing what broke.

Alteryx Partner

Uten navn.png

Looks like you've found a legit bug.  I'd send it to support if you haven't already.


+1 on this issue.  Beyond frustrating


Hey everyone,


It looks like this issue is logged on our end already and is a confirmed issue. If you haven't submitted a case to our support group yet on it, I'd definitely recommend doing so if you have a few minutes, as it will help us determine the full impact of this issue and we'll also let you know when the issue is resolved. You can reference "DE13286" in your case description and this will help us to make sure we get it attached to the right issue!


I'll also add this thread to the list of information we have on this topic, but definitely reach out to our support team if you'd like to be notified about status updates on this issue.



Mike Spoula
Solutions Architect - Services
Alteryx Partner

Any news on this issue?


Is there any update on this particular bug? Or a potential work-around until it is fixed? I'm having the same issue -- bars in graph cannot be modified no matter what settings or XML changes I make in the workflow.



Alteryx Partner

I got this mail from Alteryx Support April 5th:

"Our developers have come back to mention that fix would be included in a future version of Alteryx (currently expected for end of third quarter this year)."


This feature is to me, and I guess many others, crucial what regards reporting - so it's incredible that this issue won't be fixed until third quarter 2018!

I agree Carl,


I discovered this bug when doing a demonstration to clients. Luckily nobody else noticed except me, but this is a problem for me as I use highly detailed bar charts in many reports that are now, no longer looking good.


Please, Alteryx Support, move this bug fix to a higher priority.