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Problem with a Process in Hadoop-Cloudera

Alteryx Partner

I have the problem of performing a process in Apache-cloudera, where they have the accounting information automatically generated by the different client systems already concentrated and formatted in a single table, where you have to execute the process that generates and calculate the balances For each day, of all accounting accounts, associated with a cost center and a particular contract.
The balance is calculated, starting from the opening of the contract adding the movements generated (must - have) for each day adding the previous balance to have the balance of the day.
In order to solve it, it would be necessary to use the Multi-Row Formula tool, however, because of the amount of data to be processed, this becomes practically impossible, so it is necessary to find a solution using In-Database tools, Row Formula, so the process becomes a bit complicated.
Added to this, the user can introduce, through an Excel file, movements that adjust the balances on any day and for any account, cost center and contract, at any time during the month of processing. Including these movements to the table of automatic movements, it is necessary to re-run the process that calculates the new balances per day.
I was able to make a flow that includes the automatic and manual movements in a single resulting table. Then this table is sorted by the aggregation key (company, account, ccdestino, contract and accounting date), in order to recalculate aldos, and the first day found by each key, we associate the initial balance, which is the Last day of the previous month for each key.
With the above, it is possible to carry out the process of calculating the new balances, since having the initial balance of each contract, the problem is how to pass the final balance of day one (initial balance + (must - have) = final balance) To the opening balance of day 2 and final balance of day 2 to the opening balance of day 3 and so on.

If someone has an idea, I will thank him very much.