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Problem updating alteryx file inside an app

6 - Meteoroid

Hi everyone 


i'm creating an app to clean some fields and also validate fields


As a first step i created a workflow in which I can select the file i need to clean (these files change the field names)



If this workflow has a success I connect a second workflow which first I read the file exported on the first workflow and then I need to select the fields to update the unique



 The thing is that this second workflow when I run it as an app the file is not updated and on the list I have the fields from the previous file it's just after I run it as a workflow that the file shows updated


this is the config for my action button




thank you

14 - Magnetar

I'm fairly new to interface tools, so I hope this works:


In your second screenshot, change the anchor going out of the Input Data YXDB file, to use the lightight bolt on top of the tool, connecting it to your List Box tool.  For me, this retrieves the fields dynamically from the "current structure" of the YXDB file, as found when the app is run.