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Problem In (Foodcation City Selection) Spatial Gallery APP


Dear Experts

 I'm interested in the following public gallery :






I have a problem in the Build_City_report_Tool it gives the following message: 


Error: 04_Build_City_Report (247): Tool #46: Could not load requested Drivetime dataset: Latest:TeleAtlas_US



Report City Gallary.JPG




As I understood it needs an Atlas US, How do I get it? If it is not possible to get it what sort of action I can do? 


Also, It mentions for the DriveTime, It is not mandatory for me (no problem) because I'm not subscribed with Drive Time, I can replace it by distance instead. 

Anyone can help me on how to resolve the issue of US Atlas? 

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Right click on that tool and hit 'Open Macro' you should then be able to make the change to move from a drive time distance to a standard distance. Once you open the macro you can do control+F and search for tool number 46 which is causing the issue.



I have one more question


If you downloaded the file, how can we change the report text I mean the details text story of the report? 

Thank you so much @BenMoss for guiding me on the previous post , Now I'm trying to change (Input name) of the (Macro Input data no 252) refers to the red circles in the image attached why any change cause this error? If I need to change the text what shall I do to avoid the error? 


Farmars Error.JPG


Farmers Details.JPG