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Preparing data into multiple rows and back


Hi experts,


I have columns Client and Contact. Contact that may have comma separated names in it (e.g., "John Smith, John Doe, Jane Doe"). I would like to separate contact out to be one contact per line.


Client Contact
FruitCo John Smith, John Doe, Jane Doe


Client Contact
FruitCo John Smith
FruitCo John Doe
FruitCo Jane Doe



Also, how would you combine it back? (i.e., multiple line to just one line). We have not decided which form is better for us yet.


See attached excel for illustration.


I have 9.2 so if you can have demo yxzp in that, it would be great!






i dont have 9.5 so please refer the below screenshots


One row row to Multiple Rows use Text To Columns tool under parse menu

1 to M.PNG


for Multiple row to 1 use Summarize tool and group by Client and Concat by Contact

M to 1.PNG