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Predictive Analytics Installation Package


Hi All,


I'm trying to install the Predictive Analytics Package (with R), but I'm stuck in a weird cycle.  The link to the download redirects here:!account, but after logging in, I don't have the option to install Predictive Tools.  Is the ability to install Predictive dependent on my license (which may have recently change), or is the new gatekeeping of Predictive Tools behind this login check website not working as intended?  Thanks!

Alteryx Partner

Suggest you contact Alteryx directly.  Alteryx is rolling out a new licensing system and you may be interacting with it in some unintended way.


When I followed the link you provided I come to a page that is asking for a license key.  Is this what you are seeing?




The HELP button takes you here:




Yes, that is what I see after logging in on the Downloads page login screen.  I have entered my license key into that screen, but upon passing through, I do not see an option to download Predictive Tools.  My Download Packages window includes other addendum data, but not the Predictive Toolset.  If you click the link from the Help page,, you are sent through a cyclical process that lands you back at the Downloads page login screen.


Previously, I have installed the Predictive toolset from the Alteryx Installer.exe, which is why I am shocked that, now, I can't seem to find/access the download of the Predictive Tools.  I was unable to do that on this install because the 11.5 Installer.exe did not give me the option to install Predictive Tools alongside Designer. 


Additionally, historical Alteryx downloads (i.e. any version that wasn't the current version) was always available to download; now, every Alteryx download - old versions, new versions, predictive tools - are all gatekept behind that Downloads login page.



Alteryx Partner

If you are the the local admin for your organization than this looks like a support issue where you need to contact Alteryx directly:


You could call this number 

+1 833 201 3419


or send a message to this address:


I don't believe that Alteryx Support monitors the community that would be your best option.


Hi @derekbelyea and @Tony_Baracca


We do make our best efforts to monitor the community threads.  We see this and I have  created a case for you. Someone from the Alteryx team will reach out shortly.



Jess Silveri
Premium Support Advisor | Alteryx

Thank you, @JessicaS.  I was contacted, and I appreciate the follow-up.  For others seeing this thread, the issue is temporary, and Alteryx staff is working on it.  Thank you for the proactive communication!


Thank you, @Tony_Baracca. As I informed you earlier today, and for those who are running into similar issues, the downloads page has been reactivated temporarily until everything gets settled with our new Flexera licensing system. You can reach the page at:


Thank you, Tony!

Dan Chapman
Program Manager, Customer Support
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Hello Dan,


I am facing similar issue right now. I'm struggling to download predictive analytics package. Will you be able to assist me?




Hi @DmtCoj,


Are you able to log into If you click on designer, then the version,  the package should show under there.


If you cant access it from the portal I recommend reaching out to



Jess Silveri
Premium Support Advisor | Alteryx

Hi @JessicaS,


I have the exact same problem.,


all of these redirect me to a confusing website where I can’t find this tool.


I sent an e-mail to