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Powershell As An After Workflow Event

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1. Is there any way in Alteryx to verify whether after workflow events will run without going to the "Workflow - Configuration" side tab and selecting "Events"?




2. Is there a way to use Powershell scripts right on the workflow canvas? What icon would someone need to use?




For example, we have several workflows that have Powershell scripts that run after the workflow has successfully ran. When we are troubleshooting the workflows, we close all of the outputs so that nothing is written outside of the workflow. However, if there is a Powershell script that is queued as an event to run after the workflow has completed successfully, then the Powershell script is ran as instructed. 



Most of our Powershell scripts move "processed" excel files to a delete folder. If the Powershell script runs unintentionally, then the only downside is moving all of the files back to the processing folder from the delete folder.  


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Alteryx Certified Partner