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PowerBI Install V2.1.0 - Fail and Fix

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Hi All


I recently tried to install the power Bi output tool available here:!app/Power-BI-Output/561687f8aa690a14c493c9bd


The Install fails, getting stuck on the following message: 

power bi install.PNGstuck here

I carried out a manual install to see where the problem was and it pointed to the requirements.txt file where the oauth lib was asking for 2.0.6. Turns out that this may be a bit outdated as it was returning an error it had to be greater that 2.1.0


A quick edit and re-packaging and the tool installs in 3min30sec. 


i wanted to attach the file but for some reason the editor wasn't letting me add a file.. so 


To fix the installer 


  1.  change the extension from .yxi to .zip
  2. Extract the folder
  3. locate the old requirement and edit the oathlib line to 
  4. save the file
  5. Re-compress the folder
  6. Change the extension to .yxi
  7. Try the installer again. 


@TashaA @SophiaF


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A nice little hack I have used for many other tools. Love it!