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PowerBI Connector - How to alter macro to publish to different workspace


Hello everyone, my company wouldn't let me share reports from "my workspace" so i tried to find a way to publish to our public workspace.  I was able to accomplish this by doing the following:


Step 1: Go to power bi apiary :

Log in with power bi credentials and call resource

You will get this (for each workspace you have): image.png

Copy the ID for the public workspace you are interested in.

Step 2: Take this url and fill in the group id:{groupId}/datasets    ex:  

Step 3: Right click your publishtopowerbi.yxmc and open macro. Take the url from step 2 and paste it into these 3 locations:



2. image.pngimage.png


3. image.pngimage.png


Step 4: Save this macro (i recommend calling it something else like PublishtoPowerBi (workspace name)) ****** YOU MUST SAVE THIS IN THE SAME LOCATION AS THE PUBLISHTOPOWERBI macro.  Should be found here:  C:\ProgramData\Alteryx\DataProducts\DataSets\Content\PublishToPowerBI\      

(programData may need to be unhidden)


Realized i missed one spot that's important for replacing a dataset:


You will also need to make the same change mentioned above here:



One thing i've noticed.. the dataset "last refresh" time in power bi doesn't seem to change when replacing.  However the data is being updated.


Hello Voska,


Thank you to share this!!!


I did all steps, but I don`t know how to call this in my Workflow, how can I change the connector properties?

print alteryx.png




I found a solution to select witch macro you want to use, after your tutorial.


1-> Edit the .yxmc in Notepad++, search "Publish", find name and rename with workspace name after, like this print:

print alteryx 3.png

2-> Re-open Alteryx (Important) and right click at "Publish to Power BI" connector >> choose tool version >> select the name.print alteryx 2.png



I think it could work, in my case I have an error to connect in my PBI service, but I'm trying to figure out this issue.



You can also just treat this as any other macro.  When you save the new version of the connector in the same folder, you just have to open macro and navigate to that folder to use it.



lol, I thought we need to call though that connector. Thanks


EDIT: The GroupID is actually found in the URL of your group.




Unfortunately - I'm now getting an HTTP/1.1 404 error.



Hi @Voska,


Thanks for sharing this tutorial - this is exactly what I am trying to accomplish.


Could you guide me through the first step? I am completely lost on what I need to do.


I think I have a grip on the other steps, but need to get through the first one.


Many thanks in advance!




Alteryx Partner

This seems an absolute no-brainer for an enhancement to the tool to support different Workspaces. Any thoughts on that from Alteryx?

Community Operations Manager
Community Operations Manager



Please add your suggest to the Ideas section for the Alteryx Designer. Our Product teams will review.




Alteryx Partner

Hi Dan,


I've added a Star to an existing idea covering this:


@Voska @WilliamChan @Andre_Maciel - up voting would be beneficial