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Power BI Output - Unable to find table

7 - Meteor

I have a set of dashboards that I have created with Power BI Desktop and are published to my workspace in Power BI Service, and now I want to use Alteryx as ETL process to refresh the dataset automatically when published to the gallery. I managed to log in using Power BI Output tool and I can find the workspace and  dataset but the table is not  appearing when I need to select the table I want the tool to overwrite. Any suggestions? As I mentioned I need alteryx to refresh the dataset, and this would be by droping and then adding new table. If there are is another way to use schedule workflow from gallery that dos not require building up a database in sql it would be great. I tried OneDrive output but it's not working on the gallery and as far as I see there is no option to use SharePoint to replace the files from it, but tell me if I am wrong. Power BI Output also dos not have an option to delete table,  just the dataset. Or if there is a way connect to Smartsheet for output

9 - Comet

The same situation. Did you have any update, bro? @Krsnik 

7 - Meteor

No, I don't think it is possible @huynv96 

6 - Meteoroid

Did this ever change?  I'm getting this error: