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Potential bug in run command tool

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Hi all,


I've been running into an issue with the run command tool that seems like it might be a bug (maybe I'm missing something though!)


My goal is to write a LaTeX file I've generated out, then run a batch command to generate a PDF. If I enter the filename directly, this behaves the way I'd expect: the "write source" file is written before the command is run, and so is available for pdflatex to generate the PDF.


When I do "take filename from field" -- which I do need based on something earlier in the workflow -- the file does not get written before the command is run, so the batch file errors.


Screenshots below. Is this expected behavior? I know I can do this using a Block Until Done tool to write the source outside of the run command before the run command tool is run, but it seems like this should work just within that tool.





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Alteryx Certified Partner

Have you tried to input a "block until done" before the "run commmand"? Maybe this will help.


And about the bug, will try to reproduce the conditions later.



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Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @adamorse 


What is the error? And what is the expected behavior? Do you want to write all files first and then run the command, or you want to write one file, run a command, write another file, run another command?



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I am having the same issue.  I have several workflows that create a .bat file (in the Output field where you have your .tex file).  I also tell the tool to run that file in the Run External Program Command field.  They usually error out stating that the tool cannot find the file since that seems to fire before it's created.  If I simply run the workflow a second time it works...because at that point the file has been created.


Just chiming in, in hopes that this is reviewed and resolved.  Seems a bit odd to have a tool that will crate a file but that the execution tries to fire first.


Thanks for posting.

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The solution is force the tools to run in your order, using the "Append" tool with no fields from the Target Input selected, so it adds no fields, but forces the the tools connect to the "T" and "S" Inputs to finish first before the workflow can continue.


Here is a picture, where 2 files are written out before the "Run Command" tool is executed:

Example of how to Write 2 files out before the Run Command Tool starts.jpg

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Thanks.  Yeah, I guess I can break it up into two steps.  I had expected that since the tool can output/create the file, that it would handle that first, then execute, but it seems to either Execute first, or it just gets to that first because it takes a second to create the .bat file.  What is odd to me is that this was never an issue in the past, but only started occurring in my workflows (that have been unchanged).  I guess I'll just rework them into a few more tools.  Thanks again