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Possible to connect File Browse Action tool to same input file multiple times?


Hi All,


I'm building an App for the Gallery at the moment. I've built out the workflow, but I have a few different lookups that I am performing in this workflow that may need to be changed every now and then. Because of that, I would like to add an option for the user to browse for the lookup file in the gallery itself and select that when running the workflow.


My issue here is, I have one lookup file that I use multiple times throughout the workflow using the Find and Replace tool. I have to use this one lookup file multiple times throughout the workflow rather than append all the fields I want in in one step because there are numerous columns within this file that I am looking up in my workflow based off of different identifiers. For example, in one Find/Replace tool I am connecting this lookup file and appending a Reviewer name based off Account # in the lookup file and my current workflow. In another instance, I am using this same lookup file and appending Location based off a Journal ID. 



The lookup file itself is setup in a way where there are multiple lookups irrelevant to one another occurring in the same file. I'm just using the columns relevant to each lookup i want in each Find/Replace tool.



Is there a way to build this app out so the user is only prompted to select this Lookup file once and connect that file browse to all of my find/replace tools with that file in this workflow?


Hi @hydrogurl01,


You can do this with a chained app, which is basically two workflows tied together. The first can prompt the user to select the lookup file, then use their selection throughout the second workflow.


Here's some more info on how to create chained apps:




Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Can we see a screenshot of your workflow? 


There should never be a need to have the same input tool on a canvas three times, instead you can simply have one input tool with three different streams coming off of this.


Perhaps I am missunderstanding how your workflow is setup though.