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Populate dropdown via query and use the value in where clause of another query


Hi, I'm newbie to Alteryx. I know front end programming and SQl. I'm trying to build a simple app where I can populate the dropdown via a query and select the value to use in the where clause of another query... i.e. 


1. Populate dopdown via query "Select custno from t_cust where id = 5" and select value e.g. "20193" and use it another query "Select * from t_data where custno = (selected value from dropdown)"


Used input data to populate dropdown and dynamic input to use the where clause... but unfortunately no luck... Can anyone please help and walk me through the steps or also if you can provide the code that will extremely helpful !!!



Alteryx Certified Partner



In your dropdown interface tool, there's an option to use an external source to generate your list.


Create your connection and script your SQL to generate the list. As it mentions, the generated table must contain a NAME and VALUE field. I think you already have it set up this way, but not certain, but have the drop down list update a Text Input tool and then feed that into your Dynamic Input tool. You can have the drop down update a normal Input tool and "Replace a Specific String" of the tools attribute that contains the SQL query.


Hope this helps!