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Pop up message in Analytical application


I wonder, is there any way to show user a pop up before running the analytical app?

Ex: I want to tell user that the analytical application will take approx 2min to run completely. And I want this message to be appeared in app window before hitting the finish button. So that user will have the idea about its running time before running the application.


Any suggestion/help will be highly appreciated.


Thank You so much.


I believe this has been previously discussed and is currently not possible (correct me if I'm wrong). You can pop up error messages (this will say "An error occurred: [your message]") or you can put a message into the Results window using the Message tool - but this isn't ideal.


Feel free to suggest an idea here and see if you can get some community support behind it (I would appreciate this feature being available).

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
As mentioned above, a pop up may not be possible; BUT

you can add text to the interface which would work just as well in this instance.

This can be done using the 'label' feature on the 'layout' tab of the interface designer.


I have used Labels. Thank you so much for your help. Much appreciated.