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Pollutants max and min


HI All,


I am new on alteryx. I have a set of data that contains the pollutant_code, year, source of pollutant and total emission. I want to give a name to a particular pollutant code like 7439921 -lead,743992-zinc,7439923-nitrogen,7439924-co. Then I want to find the maximum and minimum of total emission for a particular pollutant. Here, I am attaching a dummy data. Can anyone help me in this?


Thanks in Advance.


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Hi @Himal,

I am attaching the solved workflow. I hope that helps.Screenshot (132).png

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Hey @Himal


I'd build a little lookup table that has the names in which you can then join back to your dataset and use a formula tool to build your concatenated Code + Name field.


Then using summarize tool to find the Min/Max for each pollutant




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Thanks, @Bharti. It's working now.