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Plotting Images using R

Alteryx Partner



I am trying to plot an image using R so that I can later feed data into it and later visualise something on Tableau. 


I am using this blog to help through it. 


I have installed the magick and OpenImageR packages via this method




FYI - I am not at all familiar with R, so I am learning as I go.


I have tried many different methods to get the image to read into the R tool, and also on the actual R application. But I always get an error on R saying it is unable to read the file path and etc. 


Does anyone why this is happening?

Also, does anyone know an alternate method to plotting images on Alteryx?


Many thanks in advance, 



ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Hi @Seffana,


I think it's a problem with the backslash.


Try listing the path as "C:/this/that..." and/or "C:\\this\\that..." rather than "C:\this\that..."


Hope that helps!

 - John


Alteryx Partner

Hey @JohnJPS


Unsurprisingly, that worked! Thank you! :D