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Pivoting data to promote first row of data to headers (in original order)



Need a bit of help with pivoting data to create new headers. I think I've got the technique, but Alteryx reorders the headers into alphabetical order rather than the order they were originally in.


See the attached workflow - the numbers underneath the header show the order the headers should be in.


Secondly - best way of getting rid of underscores. I've previously used the formula function in the dynamic rename tool.


Thank you :)



Hey @LucyDickinson!


Try out this macro we use here at our company which transposes like Excel does. After that, I used a Multi-Field Formula tool to get rid of the underscores. Lastly, I used a Dynamic Rename tool to take the field names from the first row of data.


Hope this helps!


P.S. I believe @patrick_digan deserves credit for creating this awesome tool.

This is amazing! Thank you @BarnesK and @patrick_digan :)