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Pivot table breaking in alteryx output

7 - Meteor



I've one sheet where in i've my pivot table. Now i'm trying to output many tabs in same excel sheet.

Every time i run the workflow it will break the pivot table that means i'm losing the pivots and getting a normal rows & columns.

I cannot refresh or do any pivot thing there.

Anyone can help me why is this happening?


I just want all my output in same excel sheet with different tabs where i've my pivot table.

11 - Bolide



Can I take a look at sample data? Both input and output result from your execution? We have option to create output in excel file however, just to make sure if I understand correctly I want to check your files.




14 - Magnetar
14 - Magnetar

Hey @Pandey19  can you post the workflow with dummy data?

7 - Meteor

This is what i'm doing it. In output tool, create new sheet and then using Take file/table name option 




It should save the output in already existing file where i've my pivot table as Sheet1. 

What's happening is that everytime i run the workflow it will disturb the pivot .I cannot use that as a pivot table. Rather its coming as normal rows & column.

I want to retain my pivot table and in addition keep in adding new output as new sheet in same excel.


I've attached one sample excel here where i've my base table and it's pivot and i want to paste output in same sheet but in different tabs without disturbing pivot.


16 - Nebula

Hi @Pandey19 ,


to be sure we'll need all the information. You've created a field called Deal Name, and are replacing the entire filepath, which means that field needs to contain the entire file path, not just the name.

Also, given you are trying to write out to multiple sheets in the same file you'll need to wrap it in a batch macro (just the output tool) and feed in the grouped Deal Name field as a control parameter. This prevents Alteryx from attempting to write out to the same file simultaneously.



7 - Meteor

Thing is we are not allowed to use macros. Strange rule here.


My only concern is why i'm losing the pivot table everytime i'm creating new tab in my ouput?

i just want pivot table to be as it is and create new sheet in same excel.