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Permutation / Combination of all rows in single field


Hello all,


I am attempting to create a unique field that has all possible alphanumeric combinations with a length of 8.


Input field

(0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,A,B,C, etc.)





Any ideas? I'm thinking it may just be easier to generate the .csv in python but thought I'd give Alteryx a try first. I do realize the above example will give about 1.22 trillion records :D


The idea is to utilize these as codes for some potential direct mail marketing campaigns which would provide unique identifiers in the top right corner of the creative piece. When these people call in they provide the call center with this number allowing us to always have a perfect match across all systems.


Thanks for any help!


I doubt this will be particularly quick at your scale but I suggest:


- work out number of possible combinations

- generate a row for each with a number representing it

- generate a row for each letter of each row

- use a little maths to decode original row letter and letter index to a character

- Concatenate them back together


Reduce scale example (4 letters) attached - just up to 8 but no promises how long it will take!