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Permission to save the output in excel after running the workflow

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Hello Friends,


I have a small workflow which give me output.

Currently I have use output tool to save the excel file.


But here i don't want to save the file in drive. I just want to see the file once the workflow run completely.


Or else i can give the Permission to user to save the output in excel after running the workflow.


Until and unless output file should not be save in any drive.


Can you suggest me how can i do this.


Thank you in advance.


Maybe you could use the Render tool to create a temporary Excel file on workflow run: 


You would use a table tool after your data and then connect a render tool and select "Temporary Excel File". This will create an Excel file, but will not permanently save it to a location. 


If you want to prompt the user for a save location, you will probably want to turn your workflow into an analytical application: