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Performing Count Ifs Function

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Hi there,


I am performing a scoping exercise using Alteryx and am running into an issue performing the counterpart to a COUNTIFS function. The client has multiple investments held across multiple funds. Each investment is either material or immaterial to its respective fund, but an investment may be material in one fund while not material in another. Given it is material to at least one fund and will be evaluated I want to take credit for the investment in the funds that it is NOT material in. See attached for an example.


In the attached, an investment is either deemed "Key" if material to a respective fund, "Not Key" if not material to any funds", or "Crossheld" if material in one fund but immaterial in another. Is there a simple way to create this formula in Alteryx? Thank you!


ax100150No1Not Key
bx50150No1Not Key
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14 - Magnetar

Hi @smoinpour,


One quick question. Wouldn't all of the "x"s be Crossheld, since x is material to fund C? Just want to confirm my understanding before diving in.




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Hey EstherB47,


Good point, please see updated example attached. To your point all of them are crossheld, but I only want that label if it's material in one fund and immaterial in others. In the revised example, investment X is Key in fund C and therefore "Crossheld" in Fund A and B. Investment Z is not key in any fund.