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Percent of Column total

7 - Meteor

Hi, I have 2 questions:


1. I have a column with "1"s or "0"s. What do I add to create an extra row that will give me the total sum of that column?


2. Similarly, how do I add an extra row that will give me the % of sum of 1's over total count of 1's AND 0's? example formula: [(sum of 1's)/(count of all 1's and 0's)]?

10 - Fireball

Running Total on the Transform menu will add up your column from row 1 to the current row. You can then summarize by Max of running total. Rename the output column to match the name of your original column with 1s and 0s. To add the total as a row at the bottom of your data use a union tool with Auto config by name (important the name of your original column and the total from the summarise tool are the same).



However, unless you're outputting the data straight after this, and doing nothing else with it, I'd warn against adding the total as a new row at the bottom. Any further processing will treat it as just another number in this column and Alteryx won't distinguish it as a total.

7 - Meteor

Thank you so much for your help!