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Passing "On click URL" parameters in mailto:

8 - Asteroid

Good Day Everyone !


I have a requirement where, I am sending out emails notifications with a table and multiple fields in them. There are 4 fields that have URL's. Clicking those URL after receiving the email notification triggers another email with "dynamic" subject line and static body content in them. I have a question about the dynamic subject line 

Here is a screenshot of the email notification that is sent 



Upon clicking either of the last 4 fields - Upload invoice, action, feedback and contact an email is triggered which has the dynamic subject line from the Subject line field and here is what the subject line looks like 


Now, here is the requirement 

I need to a 4th parameter to the subject based on the URL the user clicks, here are a couple of scenarios

1. If the user selects "Upload Invoice" then UIN is added as the 4th Parameter to the subject line 


2. If the user selects "Feedback" then FBD is added as the 4th parameter to the subject line 




I need some ideas in how to go about adding the fourth parameter. I hope i made myself clear here. 

Thanks in advance 

10 - Fireball

just hard code it after the subject. for each one. 



?subject:[subject:A] & UIN

?subject:[subject:A] & FBD