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Passed Core Exam!


Hi @Aboud ,


How are you doing?


Thank you very, very much for your compliments on my passing the Core Exam! I really appreciate your well wishes!


I can agree with the tips that Zak gave in his explanation about passing the Core Exam and like he said, do not be discouraged if you do not make it the 1st time around. (FYI - I needed a few tries myself, to make it through with that 90.7%.)


One thing that I would add to Zak's suggestions would be to get to know workflows well, and, be able to create simple ones and make them work. I'm seeing more emphasis on the need to master basic workflows.


For other tips I gave another member, please refer to my reply in pink text above, from my response on 9/6/2018. You'll notice that I spelled out any detailed recommendations for studying/passing the Core Exam.


Of course, please do let me know if you have any further questions.





where is the word document attached in your message i meant




  • Is there any question bank where you can practice and appear for the exam. This is my first attempt and I scored 70.2% and I will have to pass by End of this month.