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Pass input parameters from an excel

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Hi everyone,


I'm stuck at one point where I want to pass the input parameters to a workflow from an excel sheet. So, every time I have to change the input parameters of a workflow, instead of editing the configurations in the workflow itself, I want to change the values in excel and the workflow should run with the updated parameters. 


I have attached a sample workflow and a sample macro in a packaged workflow. That would make things more clear.


In case of any doubt, feel free to drop a message.


Looking forward to your suggestions.



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18 - Pollux

Hi @AlterCom 


I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but I modified your macro from a batch to a standard macro and added an input connection to it.





Your main program now passes the info from the main Input Tool into the Macro Input.  From there it's used by all the tools in the macro.  See the attached package




However, I'm confused why you used a macro in this case.  The attached regular workflow (NonMacroVersion.yxzp) reads it's params from an excel sheet











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Hi @danilang,


Thanks for the fast response. The reason for using a batch macro is to run the workflow(that is saved as a Macro) for different values of dates. Thats why instead of using an excel file in innermost macro, an interface tool is used. 


The final output I want is to run the innermost workflow (saved as a macro) from its last run time, (that has been logged in run log file in excel). This excel file is used in the next level workflow where the macro mentioned previously is used, it runs the macro from last run time to today's date. This has been done. No issues. But the problem arises when I try to change the input parameters of the macro from excel used in the upper level (outermost) workflow.


I hope you will be able to get the scenario. 


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Hi @danilang, the issue has been resolved. Was doing a silly mistake while configuring the action tool. Thank you for the help though.


Really appreciate it :)