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Parsing log text

Hi Team,
I have a error log text like this:
File Name:xyzkey.csv
----Some texts----
record accepted :1
---some texts---
now i need to parse following
1(text accepted after record accepted)

Any idea.

Thanks in advance.


I expect this could be done using a multi-row formula combined with some RegEx functions.


Could you provide a couple more example files just to make it clear on the transform you need



Sample Log:

File Name is: \\Client\Apps\Loaders\Latest LOADER\Test Files\test145.csv
Records Read: 1
Records Added: 1
Records Rejected: 0
Errors Reported: 0
Warnings Reported:


From "File Name is: \\Client\Apps\Loaders\Latest LOADER\Test Files\test145.csv"  I want test045 alone.
Also from "Records Added:1 " , I need 1 alone




The attached workflow should do what you need.


Select the Output file name as field option on the Input Data tool to include the file name. I chose to use a CSV mode with separator set to \0 and with field names set to 0, but there are various ways to read it in.


A filter expression filtering out all but the Records added row via a regular expression. And then a RegEx tool in replace mode to extract just the number


If you expect things other than numbers then you will need to edit the (\d+) part of the expression.


 Hopefully enough to get you started.


Thanks.This Approach helped me to find the solution .