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Parsing log file data into different columns


Hi, I am a beginner at Alteryx, and to practise and learn I was trying to convert one of the log files was originally a plain text file with one line each row, separated by spaces and commas. I managed to use some simple tools to split it into columns and clean the data to look a little more structured, however, I am stuck at the step where I have do not know how to split the messages into variable columns. 




Since some of the rows store the warning message only they do not need to be parsed into a different column, however, other rows are storing the transaction data, which were stored in 1 string, separated by = and spaces. I tried to look up the language which is used for RegEx tool however I could not figure out a way to separate it properly. Appreciate if anyone could help show me how I could do this or point me into the right direction on how to achieve this. Thanks a lot !


hi @JC69 


Can you provide some sample data?




I'm not a RegEx expert, but the attached workflow should get you started.





Here is the sample data file and some steps which I already did, thanks for your help !


Thanks, this does solve my problem, I didn't know I could tokenize it into rows then combine them back by Cross Tab, thanks a lot !