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Parsing an Address or Geographic Location from a stream of Data

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Hello Community Members,


Recently I have been working with a file that has only one column of Data containing all the details required. For example: name, job role, company name, location and along with these, a lot of dirty data that I do not require in my final output so I have filtered it out.

While cleaning my data and putting it in the format I need, I came across with a field that is a geographic location in US, say, field with only 'Greater New York Area' as data and there are other locations as well but all pertaining to USA only. I want parse these fields only which have some kind of location in to USA only.

CASS option is there but I have not used it till now.

Any Method to do so would be appreciated.



 @SeanAdams @MarqueeCrew Would love to hear from you guys. :)

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Alteryx Certified Partner
You might want to use the google api and send the data to them. Their output is a parsed set of data.


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Thanks @MarqueeCrew for suggesting me the 'API' method. I will definitely give it a try.

But before trying it, i would like to elaborate my problem a bit.



I have Census data that I downloaded from Legacy Downloads Section.

Kindly have a look at below Data.

this is the data that I have gotten from Linked in and all of the data is in single column.

I want to identify those rows which have some kind of location (in US only.) For Example, Greater New York City Area here.

I wanted to use CASS or US Street Geo-coder tool but I am Getting an error saying, CASS Data-set not installed on this machine or No Geo-coder Data-sets Available.

Could you please guide me on how to get it sorted.

I thought Data-sets referred in above mentioned errors are Census ones.

LinkedIn Prob Snapshot.png

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please refer to below thread if you have similar problem:

Clarification on the topic TravisR and refinement by PeterGoldey


For now, I am going to try the method recommended by @MarqueeCrew

I will keep this thread updated with results.