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Parsing a text string after a word


Hello everyone.  I have not used the parse to text (outside of simple text to columns) or the RegEx tools much and i am struggling with the above.  I have a column  that looks like the data in the column labeled Original.  I need it to look like Columns c - f.  Every port starts with OC but I can not figure out how to do a starts with.  I tried to do an after "on" but since None has on in the word, that didn't work.


Thank you!




Text to columns.PNG

If you think about doing two passes, it’s actually quite straightforward:
First pass, use a Formula to remove the quotes, then split on the commas using Text-to-Columns
Then add another Text-to-Columns, splitting on the space.
Clean up using a Select tool to drop unwanted fields

(Sent from my phone, so can’t provide an example


See attached for a solution I was just about to post that illustrates @Slayer explanation! :)


You'll potentially need to Cross-Tab your data once done to get it back into the same format as your example solution, so let us know if you need some additional assistance with that!