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Parsing Text From PDF Documents with Python Code Tool


Hi @fgilbonio,


I think that your path is incorrect and needs to be types with / instead of \ in your python Code.


//Mac/Some Folder/Alteryx/foo.pdf

One of the approaches you can use to read the path of file supplied as connection #1 to your Python tool could look like this:



#Read the path to of ZIP
df ="#1")

# Load the params from the input
path = "" #Placeholder for folder with a script

for index, row in df.iterrows():
    path = row[0].replace("\\","/")




In path variable you will then have the file path loaded a fixed of your issue, i.e. replaced \\ with / which Python needs.


Just supply the path variable to the code where originally I used a constant value.


If you want to check out how to build that workflow, I used the control param + text tool for instance in this article

rather than using ACTION tools.


Note: Sorry, can't open your zips for security purposes.

David Matyas
Sales Engineer