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Parsing French Month Name into Date Format



I would like to know if it's possible to parse date strings containing French month names into Date format

knowing that my Windows and its DateTime Settings are in French.


For example, DateTimeParse('July 2008','%B %Y') works fine, but DateTimeParse('Juillet 2008','%B %Y') returns null !

and when calling DateTimeFormat(DateTimeNow(), '%B') I would like to have Juillet instread of July.


Note: I know that I can use SWITCH in this case as workaround solution!




Hello @derar-alhussein,


I've looked up on to the help section and it seems that at the moment, only English DateTime parameters are accepted.

If you would like to see it supported in a future version of Alteryx, please submit an idea through our community including details regarding your use case.


Thank you,



John Gonggrijp-Dowe
Customer Support Engineer
Alteryx, Inc.

Thanks @JohnGD for your reply.

I submitted a new idea to support this feature.

I have a custom add-in which adds a culture aware datetime parse and datetime format tool.

You can download from here:




Should be able to parse any format you need. If you don't specify a specific format it will parse if it can work it out as in this case.