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Parsing Data - Across rows - versus data placed in one cell

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Hello everyone


I hope all is well

I have set up a workflow

And i wish to do a parse across rows

I do not wish to do a parse on one data set - I want it to be done on the entire excel sheet


Is that possible?

Wouldn't it be cool if alteryx had a tool like this if it doesn't exist??!!




Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

hi @Nisreenaa ,


I am not sure what you mean by all rows, maybe more like all columns, if it's all rows from a column, you can use either a regex tool or the text to columns, if you mean all the columns because they have the same way to be parsed, depending on what you want to do but, you could use a multi field formula and apply it to all your columns which are in text for instance, and then either create new fields, or you add a record ID, then a transpose and finally you can use your text to columns/regex/formula depending on what you want.