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Parse multi-level nested XML from API

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I am having a hard time getting the XML parse tool to work as I want. 


From the API I get an XML output per geographic site (site id field). The XML contain waste transactions per waste type. I am able to parse the tags that I need (marked with red in the attached picture), but when I make the second parse, then each waste type get joined with the transactions for all waste types. The wanted action is that the parse result in the transactions associated to each waste type.


I have attached sample output from the API and workflow (included comments) with the parse tool that I have tried.

Please notice that I am not receiving a XML file, but uses the download tool (see screen dump of workflow below). 


Any help in this is highly appreciated - thanks!


Let me know if you need any more details. 







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Shouldn't you return the Outer XML of quantitativeQuestion in your 1st XML parse and use that as the source field in your 2nd XML Parse tool? The result of the 2nd XML parse then looks like this



and the output of the 3rd XML Parse looks like this:





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Hi David


Great - thanks. It seems to parse as expected. Simple and straight forward


Best regards