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Parse JSON




I'm a newbie here and wanted to parse JSON in the attached file. Please let me know if ou have any suggestions. I'm stucked on how parse a nested JSOn 

Alteryx Certified Partner

There is a JSON Parse tool in the tool palettes you can use to do this for you. If a field is nested, put another parse tool after the first parse tool to keep parsing as required.

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @avakharia,


as @ryan_lambert mentioned you can use the JSON Parse tool. The way you would do this with a flat text file is to load it in as .csv file but specify no delimiter. This will give you one column containing the JSON text.

Feed the result into the JSON Parse tool and parse this column.

This will leave you with the parsed data which you can then manipulate as you wish:

For avakharia.PNG




I've attached the solution for you.