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Parse Error when using an IF function in the formula tool

Hi all,

 I am using an if statment in the Formula tool and getting an error that the data point is not recognized. I have a colleauge who uses the same workflow with no issue. Any thoughts on how I might resolve this on my end? Here is now the statment is written


IF [PLAN NAME] = "Health Savings Account" THEN "HSA"
ELSEIF [PLAN NAME] = "DependentCare Spending Account" THEN "DCSA"


The error I get is that the plan name is unregonized, but it is a valid data point from the source.



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Sometimes when you have cross tabs/transpose or other macro tools it will break a field cache causing Alteryx formula or filter tools to not recognize a field. If you run it through the error should go away. Have you tried running it and still obtaining the error?

Hi Ryan,

 Sadly yes. I have tried re-running a couple of times only to hit the same error consistently. I have event tried deleting the formula and adding it back, manually keying in the text, re-pasting what was origionally keyed in.... every time I hit the same issue.

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Attach your workflow let's have a look


Hi @KatherineFuhrman 


I've seen cases before where the "space" in column names is not actually a space(ascii 32) but a non breaking space (ascii 160).  It's usually encoded this way in the input file.  In this case your IF statement doesn't match because [Plan32Name] != [Plan160Name] even though the 2 look the same.  [Plan Name] vs. [Plan Name].  (The second one here has ASCII 160 as the space, entered as ALT-0160.


The easiest way to fix this is to use a Select tool early in the workflow and change the name of the offending field to use a regular space.  


Edit:  Since your colleague doesn't have an issue, it could boil down to the choice of code pages/regional settings that you use.