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Parameters value to reach a defined target


Hi Everyone :-)


First post on the Community (wish me luck !) as I have just started using Alteryx a few days ago and did not find the answer yet on a very basic issue.


I have a data set with approx. 7000 records. It contains a linear output (speed “S1”) which varies from 7 to 14 and numerous potential linear influencing parameters (X1, X2, X…).


After a proper data-cleaning and use of predictive models (linear reg or boosted), I have been able to determine the influencing parameters (let’s say X1, X3, X7 and X8).


Now, I would like to know what should be the best ranges (or values) for these influencing parameters so that I reach a defined target speed (let’s say 10).


I did not find what kind of tool I should use... ^^


Thanks a lot for your help and hope I will be able to support others in the future as well!



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
Welcome to the community! You can use an outlier analysis macro:!app/CReW-Modify-Outliers/5a80861feffc2a2658b0ad96

Using IQR (Inter Quartile Ranges) or standard deviations, you can see the "normal" ranges of values for each of your variables. You can then configure the same tool to either exclude those records or to reset the values to the limits.


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Hi Mark,

Thanks a lot your prompt reply :-)

The use of the macro does not seem obvious to me but I will do my best to test it.



You could perhaps also use the Field Summary tool from the Data Investigation Palette after filtering on your targeted value.


Thanks WilliamR, this is indeed a very good (and simple) technic to get a first approach about what the value of the influencing parameters should be!


I have selected data close from my target (=10), ex.: 9,5<data<10,5 and that gives me some insights.


Now I have to dig on how to see what the best combinaison is.

To reach the optimum, I might need a little bit more of some parameters and a little less of some others at the same time. I will keep on exploring :-)


Perhaps, the use of the optimization tool could be helpful to find optimums ?