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Pagination Not Incrementing by 1

Alteryx Partner

Wondering if anyone could take a look at my iterative macro. Its the NYT api pulling back web urls related to 'bitcoin'. However, when I run it, I get it sometimes moving from page 0,1,2 or sometimes it skips from page 0 to 2.



Any help would be appreciated!



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
Here are some thoughts from my iPhone:

If possible, call the API and compute the max pages. Then use a generate rows to create a record for each page. Use a multi-row formula to modify the pages. Then use a download tool to get your data.

If needed you can throttle the downloading and stay within your time limits. If you have multiple API keys, you can modify the calls to stay within your daily limits.

Bottom line, avoid the custom macro.

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Awesome!! Thanks for your help! Worked like a charm. Attached a screenshot of my end solution for anyone else interested.


HI Echenty,


Can you share the workflow, I am currently looking at similar issue, however running into issues.