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Packaging a Solution


Have a tax calculation software that was built using Alteryx designer which takes input from a spreadsheet and stores data in Access table and also generates Excel/Word based report as the final output. I am looking for recommendation around best practices on how the overall package should be used as we move towards distributing it for mass usages within the firm. Please note that Input sheet may contain project wise client sensitive data. 

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @raviranjan 


By far the best way to share this kind of application will be via the Alteryx Server. Does your organization already have an account? If not, more than happy to help guide you through how to get started if you wanted to connect offline ( 


Agreed - Server might be your best option with this to ensure version control and to control who has access to the workflow.


You can also try encrypting the workflow so only the interface is able to be seen and nothing underlying can be changed.