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PGP Decryption

6 - Meteoroid

Hi, we're doing a proof-of-concept for Alteryx, and the very first task is to decrypt a PGP encrypted file pulled from an SFTP server.

I did a forum search and this topic hasn't been discussed for almost 2 years, so I am "hoping" that maybe some new feature has been added that makes this possible.

If it can't be done natively, does anyone have any suggestions?

9 - Comet

I am an encryption novice, but it appears there are several command line options to decrypt PGP. I would call those (via batch file) with the command line tool in alteryx.


1. cli (I can't tell if this is their product or just a how to)  It is $6000


2. run batch file





New proposal is to use python in the python tool. 


Again, I don't really know much about decryption. But python tool and command line (which can run batch, python, C, Fortran, blah blah blah) are the best options for situations where there isn't a native solution.

6 - Meteoroid

Hi Will

Thanks for that. Yes, my research thus far indicated that either a command line or Python approach would be best.


I am hopeful of making Alteryx the default data handling platform within our organisation (currently using an array of tools, including Jitterbit, SSIS and naked code). 

Obviously there are many more tasks required other than PGP decryption, so I will find a way to convince my organisation that this particular requirement is a minor issue. If we install PGP on the Alteryx server then I should be able to handle decryption no problem.