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PDF Is Cutting Off Numbers




I built a workflow that at the end outputs to a pdf (see below).  There are 15 columns and in I have it grouped by Column 1.  For the first column I have it set to width - automatic, alignment - left, borders - none.  For some reason if the pdf is longer than 1 page it cuts off the last the digit in column 1.  Any ideas of what I can do to fix this?  This didn't use to happen.


alteryx pdf.PNG

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Could you share an image of the two different pdf outputs?


Hello @CharlieS 


I unfortunately can't.  What I can tell you is the column length and types are below and that the first column in this particular case is a 12 digit number on the 1st page but becomes 11 digits on the 2nd page (it drops the last digit)


alteryx pdf cell type.PNG