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Overwrite Sheet Drop Excel Update

Hi all


I am outputting a dataset to excel organised by teams within our organisation. This data then forms the basis of the team dashboards. The data is lists of exceptions that we need people to and deal with and clear.


I have experienced an issue where the data from yesterday has been cleared. I would therefor expect that the output would overwrite yesterday's data to show no outstanding data for that team. It seems that when there was brought forward data which then there is none, the output doesn't clear the brought forward data.


Has anyone else experienced this?


I have copied the settings from my output. Is there an obvious setting that I haven't configured correctly?






Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @JonathanSidebottom,


This may be an issue with the version of either Excel and/or Alteryx. I have no issues with 2018.2, and the latest version of Office 365.

To resolve this issue you try amending your output file format to "Microsoft Excel Legacy (*.xlsx)", then overwriting the file.

Let me know if this helps.



Hi @mceleavey


That seems like it should work, but when I've tried using the legacy version I haven't found much success.


I'll use a manual workaround for no and advise if I find what I'm doing wrong!




How about joining it to a table with all of the possible team names to add a 'no exceptions' message as the output if there are none? 

Thanks @Probley


That will do the trick!


I managed to work around by setting up a template output file with all of the possible outputs predefined as tabs in the file. Not as elegant as your solution but got me to where I needed to go. Think I will take your approach though going forward!




Hello @mcleavey 

I'm working on .xls file, when I try to overwrite sheet its not working. I believe it was something with the Excel format and its working file for .xlsx. But I need to export the data into .xls as we need to format the data sheet.


Do you know whether we have any other option where we can overwrite the existing file in .xls ?


Thanks in advance.