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Overlap Between Multiple Polygons


Hi Everyone,


I'm working with a national spatial dataset at the state level, but one where the object often extends beyond state borders. I've been attempting to find a way to identify the overlap between the state level spatial objects. In the end, I'm' hoping to find the area of the spatial object of the state, as well as the area of any overlapping areas with neighboring states.


This is easily done with the Spatial Process tool when you're only looking at the overlap between two spatial objects, but i'm hoping someone may have an idea of how to find the overlap between multiple. In this specific case, since i'm working with states it is likely that most states will have overlap with each neighboring state, so this one is giving me a bit of trouble.


Thanks for your help!

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

A handy feature in this scenario: In the Spatial Match tool, check the "Output Intersection Object" box. This will automatically output the "IntersectPoly" from your matches. 


This intersection object will be created between each object from the Target and Universe inputs. So one will be created for Territory1>State1 and Territory1>State2. A Spatial Info tool can then calculate the area of these intersecting objects for your calculations. 


Appreciate it. This worked for me.