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Outputting data without the header


Hey guys,


I am outputting filtered data into different specific ranges based on truth and false values of the filter tool. The only problem is that every output in my final excel sheet has the column headers, which is unnecessary for my report. Any way I can output data without the column headers?


Hi @all163,


This is not a full solution, but maybe this will give you some options to explore.


The only file-type that in know, that truly supports the ability to output without headers is old good CSV (just untick option called First Row Contains Field Names - see my example below).


For any other output type we need to trick it by promoting the 1st record as column/field names.


This is however bound to a feature, which i don't know how to bypass, where if you have 2 or more identical values in your 1st record Alteryx will force '_2', '_3' etc to give you a unique list of output field names (in theory having 2 or more fields with the same name is never desired, apart from maybe this example :)). Also when your values are strings with spaces, these will get replaced by '_' and potentially there is a character limit for column names (just an idea).


Also when you output to Excel this carries a string type and formats differently, compared to your true record values.







#Excuse me, do you speak Alteryx?


Another idea would be to output to intermediary Excel files, where your main Excel document could reference external Excel for every range this needs to reflect for - this way you could only point to records and exclude headers.