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Outputting all 3 results of a join to separate tabs in the same workbook

7 - Meteor

I found a way to do this, but it's kind of ugly and I'm hoping there is a better way.


I'm comparing the data on 2 reports. I need 1 tab with all the records that match, another tab with the results from the left join, and a third tab with the results from the right join.


I want to save them all into 1 workbook - but as you probably guessed, I got errors when saving since the 3 outputs tried to write to the same file simultaneously.


Anyway, my solution was to:

1 - do the join,

2 - Add a Block Until Done

3 - Add a filter to each of the 3 Block until Done filters, one for each of the 3 outputs I need. (matches, left join, right join)

4- Add an output to each filter that writes to a different tab in a single workbook.


It works but I don't like it. I'm wondering if there's a better way.


I've looked into Parallel Block Until Done, but network security won't let me download that macro, and I'm not even sure if they'll let me upload it to our Alteryx server, which will also be required. So - I'm wondering what other options there might be.


Package is attached as well as a screenprint of the pieces described above.


Any help is appreciated, even if the response is 'yeah, that's all you can do'. :)


17 - Castor

@Phermes1 One way of doing this is by assigning a Sheets name in each output and then writing it into a different tab in the same output. 


Note: I also removed some of the tools 





7 - Meteor

I like that much better! Thank you!